The Benefits of a Waterless Car Wash

Most guides for cleaning your car start with getting a bucket of water and a sponge. But that’s not always possible. There might be lots of reasons why you want to clean your car without water or just give it a top up clean in between a full wash – and actually, it is possible.

polish carIn this need-to-know guide, we’ll be shining a light on the benefits of a waterless car wash, and telling you about our water-free cleaning solution that’s ideal for getting your car clean and shining without the needs for fresh running water.

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What Are the Benefits of Not Using Water to Wash Your Car?

A water-free car wash might raise a few eyebrows, but in some situations, it’s a great way to keep your car looking its best. If you’re able to use water you’ll get great results, but if you don’t have the time, space, tools or are environmentally conscious of using loads of water, then here’s how you go water-free.

Here are the benefits of a no-water-needed car wash.

It’s Convenient

Millions of motorists out there don’t have a driveway or space to start splashing water around. For those who park on the street or live in a block of flats, sometimes the only option is to visit a car wash – and this can get expensive if you wash your car regularly.

Using something like Waterless Wash & Wax is a convenient way to clean your car if you’re short on outdoor space. You don’t need an outdoor tap, hose or space to put your buckets and kit, and will get great results in a matter of minutes – all without water.

You Don’t Need Loads of Kit

Getting all the tools and kit for cleaning a car, and then replacing them as they run out, can feel like a bit of an unwanted cost. Or, maybe you might not have the space for buckets, sponges, brushes and a pressure washer in your place? In either case, a water-free wash could help you to cut down on accessories.

No expensive tools or a cupboard full of products; all you need to clean your car without water is a product like Simoniz Waterless Wash & Wax and a couple of cloths – and that’s it.

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It’s Quick

A bucket and sponge car wash takes a while, which is one of the reasons why some drivers don’t wash their car as often as they ought to (or end up going to a pricey car wash!). When you take water out of the equation though, things move a lot faster.

Think about it: you have to fill two buckets, start washing, replenish the water, use a pressure washer or hose, dry everything off, and then get rid of the dirty water. It’s a bit of a slog, and sometimes you need a quicker solution.

Using a product like Simoniz Waterless Wash & Wax cuts out a lot of the hassle. Plus, it also contains wax, so you’re saving time on that too.

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It’s Better for the Environment

We all agree that taking care of our cars is essential, but each time you wash your car at home it uses a lot of water. Of course, there are ways to limit how much you use by sticking to a couple of buckets and not using a pressure washer, but if you like to clean your car regularly t, that’s a lot of water down the drain.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t use water to clean your car, but if you did a couple of water-free washes each month instead, think of all the water it would save. We all want to do our bit for the environment, so going water-free every other time you wash your car could be a good way to cut back and waste less.

No More Water Marks

One of the downsides to cleaning your car with water is water marks. These occur when water is left to sit on the paintwork, and they can be quite hard to remove because of the salt and other minerals they contain.

Some people don’t dry their cars after washing them, but this is a recipe for water marks. With a water-free wash, there’s obviously no danger of this kind of water staining.

You Can Clean and Protect While You Go

As we touched on above, our Waterless Wash & Wax contains wax, so not only are you cleaning your car, you’re protecting it too. This is great for those times when your car isn’t looking too bad, but you want to add a bit of shine.

You’ll Feel Like You Can Do it More Often

As much as we’d like to commit to washing our cars every week/fortnight, sometimes life has other plans. It’s not always possible to give your car a full water wash regularly , meaning that the paintwork can often go neglected for weeks at a time.

No matter how busy your schedule, a waterless wash means you can take care of your car’s paintwork quickly and easily. In under 15 minutes (what is this based on?  Do we need to caveat this with the size of car?), it’s possible to wash and wax the paintwork using Simoniz Waterless Wash & Wax, so you’ll feel like you can really stay on top of your car’s shine.

How Do You Wash a Car Without Water?

Easy. Just get yourself a bottle of Waterless Wash & Wax and follow the instructions. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get great results without using any water:

  1. Before you start, ask yourself: is my car really dirty? If there’s small stones or gritty dirt on it, you’ll need to get rid of them first (how? On pack we suggest rinsing with water?), as you risk scratching the paintwork by rubbing it with the cloths.
  2. Get yourself a couple of soft, dry and clean cloths. Spray the product directly on to the paintwork. We’d recommend starting at the top of the car and working downwards, just as you would for a normal wet wash.
  3. Wipe the paintwork with one of the cloths to remove dirt and marks. Then, with the other clean cloth, buff to a high shine. Top tip:  once  the buffing cloth is wet, replace with a new clean cloth.
  4. Grab or Glass Cleaning Spray (or wipes) and give the windows, mirrors and headlights a clean. Spray on the cleaner and then wipe with paper towels.
  5. To improve the appearance of your wheels, spray a Tyre Shine on your tyres. It will get them a shiny black look and protect them.
  6. Do the same with any exterior plastics using Back to Black Bumper Shine. It’ll give bumpers and instant lift.

And voila! A cleaner, shinier car with no water, and no mess.

Find out more about Simoniz Wash & Wax in our feature video below:

At Simoniz, we’re always thinking of clever and convenient ways to help you take better care of your car. For our full range of car care products and accessories, visit the homepage.

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