Paint & Maintenance

For those searching for a specific type of paint or maintenance product for their car, you’ve come to the right place. Developed to an impressively high standard, our paint products deliver reliable performance and complete usability — helping you to fix, protect and preserve your car’s paintwork without a costly professional repair.

No matter what the issue or imperfection — be it a scratch, scrape or area of intense heat — our paint and maintenance products are specially developed to restore your car to its showroom best with minimal effort. Simple and easy to use, Simoniz paints are suitable for both motoring enthusiasts keen to perform a DIY driveway repair, and professional mechanics looking for the very best professional finish.

Our broad range of professional paint products are developed in-house by our team of expert technicians, and each is subject to rigorous testing to ensure its quality and performance. This guarantees an exceptional finish no matter what your requirements, and provides you with the peace of mind to make an informed decision on the type of product that’s for you.

While our paint and maintenance products were developed with cars in mind, their consistency and performance means they’re great for use around the home, garden or workshop, too. From re-spraying your barbeque to revamping your trusty bike, Simoniz paint products deliver great results across a broad range of DIY applications.

No matter what the paint job, we’re guaranteed to have a product that’s right for your requirements. The Simoniz paint and maintenance range includes lab-tested VHT (Very High Temperature) Paint that’s proven to perform in extreme temperatures in excess of 800°C — making it perfect for areas of your car that are subject to intense heat, as well as stoves, barbecues and boilers.

The Simoniz paint selection also includes a range of top quality primers, wheel paints, lacquers and standard spray paints — helping you to tackle those problem areas on your car’s paintwork. In addition, our One Coat Tough Paints offer complete protection from heat and abrasion, so your car will look its just-bought best from boot to bonnet.

Like all of our vehicle maintenance products, the Simoniz paint and maintenance range is developed to an exceedingly high standard, so you can trust us to restore and protect your car no matter what the issue or imperfection.

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