Simoniz Glass Wipes

Simoniz Glass Wipes are disposable cleaning wipes designed for all interior and exterior glass surfaces, as well as mirrors.

Eco-friendly and biodegradable, the wipes contain powerful cleaning agents that quickly remove dirt, smears, and marks, leaving a streak-free finish that guarantees maximum visibility.

Safety is a priority when you’re driving, and dirt, marks, and smears on your car windows can be distracting and dangerous. Simoniz Glass Wipes help you get high visibility on the road any time, so you can always drive in total comfort and safety.

  • Eco-friendly bio-degradable wipes
  • High visibility
  • Streak-free finish
  • For all interior and exterior glass and mirrors
  • Can be used in the home

Features and Benefits

Simoniz Glass Wipes are an essential product to keep in your car, allowing you to quickly clean interior and exterior glass surfaces anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re removing dirt from the interior windscreen or fingerprints and smears from the side windows or mirrors, these handy wipes are designed to tackle stubborn dirt, deposits, and marks with minimal scrubbing required.

When you’re out on the road, you should never leave visibility to chance. While screen wash will keep your exterior windscreen clean and clear, you need another product for handling smears on other glass surfaces. Our Glass Wipes are the perfect solution, providing an easy way of cleaning glass and mirrors without the need for bulky and inconvenient glass cleaners.

Developed and tested by our expert team, Simoniz Glass Wipes deliver unrivalled cleaning performance while leaving behind a clear streak-free finish. Add to that the fact that our wipes are 100% biodegradable, and there’s never been an easier and more convenient way to take care of your car’s glass surfaces.

Tip – it’s not just car windows that you can clean with Simoniz Glass Wipes. Thanks to their effective cleaning agents and streak-free formula, our wipes are perfect for use around the home and garden, too!

How it Works

Supplied in a handy pouch that’s perfect for sliding into your glovebox, Simoniz Glass Wipes are XL biodegradable wipes that are large enough for handling large areas at a time. Simply remove a single wipe from the pack before using the wipe to clean both interior and exterior glass surfaces, as well as rear and side-view mirrors.

When using disposable glass cleaning wipes, it’s important to use them only on surfaces that are free from heavy soiling. For more intensive cleaning when a lot of dirt is present, we’d recommend our Clear Vision Glass Cleaner or Insect & Bird Dropping Remover.

For general, day-to-day cleaning, Simoniz Glass Wipes are perfect for quickly and safely removing smears, fingerprints, dust, and loose dirt. Give them a try and see the difference for yourself.

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