How long does Simoniz Original Wax last?

Simoniz Original Wax is a hard, durable wax capable of giving your car long lasting protection for up to 12 months. Developed by Simoniz over 100 years ago, our iconic car wax has a rich heritage of protective shine.

When applied correctly, Simoniz Original Wax can last for up to 12 months, and will deliver a deep shine and lasting protection from the elements even after multiple washes. It contains natural carnauba, which is proven to protect your paintwork from abrasions, stains and associated blemishes. It also produces a deep, glossy shine which will last even in bad weather – so your car will look its showroom best for longer.

For best results, make sure your car paintwork is cool; apply the wax to one panel at a time and don’t allow the wax to dry. Try using a moistened cloth or polish application pad. Buff each panel before moving on to the next to reveal a deep, rich shine that will last multiple washes.

For more information about waxing your car, read our guide here.

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