Your Simoniz Original Wax FAQs Answered

Using Simoniz Original Wax on your car is the best way to protect the paintwork and restore shine. But there are a few things about applying wax that you need to know to guarantee the best results.

Here on our Simoniz Original Wax FAQs page, you’ll find help and advice on how to use car wax, so you can achieve great results with every application.

Do I need to wash my car before waxing?

Yes, we would always recommend washing your car thoroughly before applying a coat of wax. This will not only make the wax easier to apply but will ensure consistent results from boot to bonnet.

Wax is designed to protect your car’s paintwork from dirt, grime, and road salt. That’s why you need to wash it first, so you can achieve a protective barrier against corrosion and rust.

After washing, be sure to dry the paintwork thoroughly too. This is also a good opportunity to polish the paintwork to remove any swirl marks, light scratches, and abrasion. Simoniz Scratch & Swirl Remover will restore the paintwork to its original condition, giving you a good base for applying a fresh coat of wax.

How long does Simoniz Original Wax last?

Simoniz Original Wax is a hard, durable wax capable of giving your car long-lasting protection for up to 12 months. Developed by Simoniz over 100 years ago, our iconic car wax has a rich heritage of protective shine.

When applied correctly, Simoniz Original Wax can last for up to 12 months and will deliver a deep shine and lasting protection from the elements even after multiple washes. It contains natural carnauba, which is proven to protect your paintwork from abrasions, stains, and associated blemishes. It also produces a deep, glossy shine which will last even in bad weather – so your car will look its showroom best for longer.

For best results, make sure your car paintwork is cool; apply the wax to one panel at a time and don’t allow the wax to dry. Try using a moistened cloth or polish application pad. Buff each panel before moving on to the next to reveal a deep, rich shine that will last multiple washes.

Will Simoniz Original Wax protect my car paint?

Yes, Simoniz Original Wax offers long-lasting protection for your paintwork. With added carnauba wax – a natural ingredient that leaves a smooth, shiny finish – our wax provides outstanding protection against water, dirt, salt, grime, and muck, helping to prevent rust and corrosion with regular, long-term use.

When applied to clean, dry paintwork, Simoniz Original Wax forms a long-lasting protective barrier. It seals the paintwork against water, dirt, and rust, giving you a brilliant shine that will keep your car looking its best for months.

To ensure maximum protection for your car’s paintwork, we would recommend applying a new coat of Original Wax at least twice a year. We generally recommend a coat at the start of spring and a coat at the start of autumn, so your car is protected against the elements throughout the year.

How does Simoniz Original Wax work?

Simoniz Original Wax forms a barrier over your car’s paintwork, protecting it from corrosion and abrasion while leaving a deep, brilliant shine. This barrier can last for around 12 months, though we would recommend applying twice a year for the very best protection.

In the tin, Simoniz Original Wax resembles a paste; this makes it easy to apply to your car. After application, and when it’s been thoroughly worked into the paintwork, it sets hard – creating a strong and durable layer that protects the paintwork and restores shine.

What is Carnauba Wax?

Carnauba wax comes from Brazil and is naturally derived from palm leaves. It’s known for its hardness and resistance to high temperatures and produces a deep, glossy long-lasting finish.

Carnauba wax is insoluble in water so will protect your car in all weather conditions, even after washing. Simoniz Original Wax contains carnauba, and a single application can last up to 12 months.

Can I use Simoniz Wax on metallic paint?

Simoniz Original Wax is safe to use on metallic paintwork and will leave a high shine while protecting against surface abrasion and corrosion. Our wax is designed to leave a brilliant shine that enhances the original colour and finish of your paintwork – for outstanding results after every application.


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