Essential Items to Keep in Your Car

Do you keep your car clean and clutter-free, or is your car an extended storage space for all the things you need day to day? However you like to travel we think there are certain things that deserve a place in the cabin, so here’s our pick of the essential items to keep in your car.

For cleaning and convenience

Clean your car on the go with these handy maintenance items — from wipes to detailer spray

1. Cleaning wipes

Spills can happen easily in the car, especially if you’re travelling with kids. To protect your seats and trim from spills and residue, carry a pack of disposable upholstery wipes, so you can quickly deal with any spills and stains. Our Interior Wipes give a fresh smell and fast cleaning, so you can always be sure your car’s smelling fresh.

2. A good air freshener

No one likes stepping into a smelly car, so do yourself and your passengers a favour by always carrying an in-car air freshener. Whether you hang a classic Little Tree from your rear-view mirror or opt for a modern vent freshener, there’s nothing better than a good smelling car.

items to have in a car

3. Quickshine detailing spray

If you’re as keen to keep your car clean as we are, carry a bottle of Quickshine Detailer in your boot for those on-the-spot cleaning tasks. This simple spray product guarantees a showroom finish any time, any place, so you can always be sure your car’s looking its best.

4. In-car rubbish bin

Spend a lot of time on the road and you’ll accumulate lots of rubbish — and we all know how easy it is for the odd crisp packet or bottle to get lost under the front seats. To keep the cabin clean and clutter-free, get yourself an in-car rubbish bin. We like this one because it has a handy clip for fixing it in place.

5. Disposable overshoes

One for the dog walkers this; disposable overshoes are handy when you spend a lot of time outside, and often get behind the wheel with muddy shoes on. To save yourself from replacing car mats once a year, keep a box of these disposable plastic booties in your boot — you won’t regret it.

6. Glass wipes

Avoid dangerous sun dazzle on the road with a pack of anti-glare glass wipes. With these handy smear-free wipes in your car, you can quickly get rid of dirt, dust and grime from your windows and glass surfaces— for 100% visibility and safe driving whatever the weather.

7. Demister pad

Quickly remove condensation from internal surfaces on cold mornings with a natural demister pad. These handy microfibre pads quickly remove moisture whilst keeping glass clean and smear-free — an absolute essential for winter driving.

8. Car vacuum cleaner

OK, this one’s for those who are super serious about car cleanliness, but we still think it’s worth carrying a portable vacuum cleaner in your car for those road trip emergencies. In-car vacuums have come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years, and can now match household cleaners in terms of power. We like the Black & Decker Dustbuster Auto Vac, which plugs into a standard 12V car power socket.

9. A soft cloth or rag (for under-the-bonnet clean-ups)

Whether checking the oil or topping up the screen wash, there’s plenty of little under-the-bonnet jobs that call for a good old cloth, so make sure you keep one handy in your car — you never know when you might need to wipe oil from your hands or spilt petrol from the filler cap.

essential items in a car

For emergencies, safety and on-the-spot maintenance

Take the stress out of everyday driving with these emergency maintenance, repair and safety items.

10. Your car’s original manual

What’s that warning light? How much air do I put in the tyres? What’s the maximum load weight? Your car’s manual will answer all these questions and more, providing a one-stop-shop for all your motoring queries and concerns — even at the roadside.

11. Jump leads

Carry a set of jump leads in your boot, and you’ll never have to worry about a flat battery again (provided you can find a fellow driver to borrow some power from, that is). Flat batteries are one of the most common causes of breakdowns in the UK, so it could pay to carry a set of leads for those rare emergencies.

12. Breakdown information

Sure, the number for your breakdown provider might be stored in your phone, but what happens when your phone runs flat? Always keep a physical copy of information about your breakdown provider, including their number and your policy or reference ID — just in case.

13. High-visibility clothing

Carrying a high-visibility vest is the law in France, and we think it’s a good idea in the UK, too. Suffer a breakdown on a dark night or in the pouring rain, and you’ll be much safer stood at the roadside with a high-vis jacket or vest on. Make sure there’s one for each of your passengers too, so everyone can stay safe until help arrives.

essential items to have in a car

14. A map book or sat nav

Even if you know where you’re going, a map book and sat nav are useful to have in your car to avoid traffic jams or find essential points of interest like public toilets and car parks. 

15. Warm clothes for roadside emergencies

Break down on your next road trip, and there’s no telling how long it could take for help to arrive. That’s why you should carry warm clothes and blankets, so you can huddle up by the roadside and stay warm until roadside assistance turns up.

16. Torch or lantern

Just don’t forget to pack spare batteries, too.

17. In-car charger

Don’t get caught short with a flat phone on your next family outing, because you never know when you might need to make an emergency call. Always carry an in-car charger to keep your phone powered up and the road trip soundtrack in your hands.

items to have in car

18. A good brolly

This one goes without saying if you live in the UK!

At Simoniz, our car care products are developed for those who take pride in their car inside and out. To find out more, visit the homepage.